Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hi Everyone...My name is Mochi!

Hi Everyone! My name is Mochi and I am an Mini American Eskimo Dog. I am currently 10 weeks old and I came from a breeder in Arkansas. I am now living with my new mommy in California. I have only been with her a week, but it has been a very eventful one. The day that I arrived at the airport, my mommy came with a whole group to greet me. The airplane ride was so long and tiring. When I arrived at my new house I didn't even want to come out of my crate. Only when everyone had gone and it was only me and my mommy did I come out. When I did though, my mommy hugged me and kissed me, but then said that I smelled. There was no seating in her living room that day because a new set was suppose to be delivered that same day that I arrived.

Even though I had b
arely come out, my mommy had to put me back into my crate after she cleaned it because she had to fill in for her boss at work. She didn't even complain even though it was suppose to be her day off. She didn't want anyone to disturb me so she put a big cloth over my crate at work. I slept the whole time I was there.
When I got home I was introduced to my mommy's friend's cat, Gigi. She and my mom live together. Now I get to play with Gigi everyday. Sometimes Gigi eats out of my dog bowl and my mommy doesn't like that so she tells Gigi "NO!".

My mommy gave me a bath the first day that I got there since she was complaining about how I smelled. After I was given a bath, she said that I looked funny since my fur was all flat on my body. Now I get groomed everyday; I really like it when my mommy brushes me.A training pad was placed inside my playpen that my mommy got me but I didn't even use it. My mommy was so happy and surprised to find out that I was already housetrained. She takes me out to use the restroom every hour and a half and after I wake up or eat. I get to meet new dogs when we go out. The weather here in Davis is really cold and my mommy has to wake up early and stay up late just to take me to go potty.

Well I'll tell you about the rest of my week later....